Defensible Solutions for Evolving Compensation Models

Aligning physicians and other healthcare providers is vitally important to the success of healthcare organizations. With an ever-changing regulatory landscape and constantly evolving compensations models, it is of critical importance to support compensation arrangements with well-reasoned, defensible, and actionable fair market value (FMV) opinions.

At Root Valuation we don’t provide canned opinions or survey-based calculators. Instead, we work diligently to understand our Client’s alignment goals, the regulatory guardrails pertinent to the arrangement, and the true market-based value drivers underpinning the compensation arrangement. Most importantly, we work collaboratively to educate all parties involved to build consensus and facilitate a successful and compliant outcome.

Clinical Compensation

Ensuring FMV for healthcare providers

In an everchanging regulatory and competitive environment, clinical compensation models must be continually evaluated to ensure that they remain attractive to providers, commercially reasonable, and compliant.  At Root Valuation we do not take a one size fits all approach to clinical compensation, but consider both that quantitative and qualitative measures that truly drive fair market value.  Clinical compensation engagements include:

  • Physician and APP employment
  • Professional Services Agreements (PSAs)
  • Subsidies and Stipends
  • Call Coverage
  • Medical Directorships

Administrative Compensation

Driving value through aligned interests

Strategic alignment across the healthcare continuum is a driving force behind improved outcomes and reductions in the cost of care.  With the ongoing evolution of payor models, value based enterprises, healthcare technologies, and novel services models, the need for innovative and dynamic valuation models has never been greater.  At Root Valuation, we pride ourselves on being a solution driven appraisal firm providing defensible and well-reasoned FMV opinions across an ever-changing landscape of administrative pay models.

  • Physician Executive and Administrative Pay
  • Pay for Performance and Value-based Compensation
  • Management Services Agreements (MSAs)
  • Clinical Co-Management and Hospital Quality and Efficiency Programs (HQEP)
  • Care Coordination and Management
  • Healthcare technology platforms / novel care delivery models

Compliance Testing and Appraisal Review

Ongoing Support and Validation

Ensuring that your compensation models remain consistent with FMV is an ongoing process.  Root Valuation is here to help, with ongoing testing and review processes that can help your organization proactively monitor compensation to ensure compliance before a problem arises.

And if your organization has received an appraisal that doesn’t quite seem right, we are here to personally look at all the information and critique the work that’s been done before. You’ll leave understanding our opinion on the appraisal and our suggestions for next steps.