We’ve noticed another wave of interest in FMV compliance matters and have fielded calls from multiple clients who are re-evaluating their policies and procedures to help ensure that their various arrangements with physicians comply with the federal Anti-Kickback Law, the Stark Law, and other applicable laws and regulations. 

Not surprisingly, it seems much of the current interest and shift in attention has been ignited by recent high-profile events like CHN agreeing to pay $345 million to settle Alleged False Claims Act Violations.  The last major wave a few years back was spurred on by the Stark Law updates and the associated commentary by CMS in the process.   

While major developments create urgency and support for tackling compliance related issues, it’s important to continually monitor, evaluate, and evolve compliance programs as your organization and arrangements with physicians evolve.   

At Root Valuation, our mission is to provide a unique client experience through our consultative approach. Our consultative approach is founded on the core principle that organizations have diverse needs, structure, resources, etc., and that rather than pushing clients to adapt to a standardized “one-size-fits-all” compliance program, we draw on our knowledge of best practices from our experience working with a broad array of organizations to help clients develop policies and procedures tailored to their specific needs, capabilities, and objectives.   

Please reach out to Mark Spurlin at 720.458.3766 or mspurlin@rootvaluation.com with any questions or to discuss how we may be able to assist your organization with any healthcare valuation-related needs.