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There are numerous healthcare organizations that support provider organizations through the provision of specialized services, assets and technologies. The pricing of these assets and services requires specialized expertise, and often, an ability to skillfully navigate the ambiguities associated with new technologies, novel care delivery models, and evolving payment mechanisms. At Root Valuation we work closely with these organizations to develop defensible FMV solutions that allow them to keep them doing what they do best, innovate and improve our healthcare ecosystem.

Service Offerings

For Other Healthcare-Focused Organizations

Root Valuation has expertise to help navigate the myriad of valuation and advisory needs specific to:

  • Management Companies
  • Professional Services Organizations
  • Value-Based Entities
  • ACOs
  • Telehealth
  • Care Coordination and Delivery Platforms
  • H.I.T and H.I.E
A Few of the Healthcare Organizations We’ve Served
Almost 20 Years in the Industry

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